Nis Art Foundation (in further text NAF) was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization whose goal is the motivation and promotion of young artists in Serbia, as well as the initiation of cultural and artistic life in Nis and Serbia.

NAF was initially established by Radovan Lale Djuric, famous Serbian and American  painter, with the support of other founders and members of NAF which are public figures and personalities from the domain of culture that are willing to direct their energy towards creating cultural life of the highest quality in our country. The founders and members of NAF are our personages: Radovan Lale Djuric, Olja Ivanjicki, Jovan Cirilov, Neda Arneric, Gordana Susa, Radmila Djuricin, Tihomir Trivunac, Djordje Lalosevic, Dragos Stojanovic, Mihailo Spasovic, Borislav Gvozdenovic, Dusan Mitrovic, Kristina Ristic, Dusica Spasic.

The main focus of NAF was motivated by the need to provide the support to young artists in Serbia since they are marginalized group in our society. With this reason the first accomplishment was the project “Youth 2006”. Within this project a contest  for  national  competition  was  announced  in  Serbia  and  Montenegro  calling  the attention of young artists in the following disciplines: drawing, print, painting and sculpture. We were motivated by the need to provide young artists with financial support for further work and to enable the presentation of their work to the audience at exhibitions in Nis and Belgrade (2005-2018) and in Novi Sad (2007-2010). The Fund of the prize was 18,000 EUR (1 st prize10.000 EUR, 2nd prize5.000 EUR, 3rd  prize3.000 EUR). Each exhibition was followed by printed catalogues with selected art works,  that were promoted in Serbia as well as countries around the world. The project is important because of all these forms of assistance we provide the young artists in order to present their product and place it in the cultural market.

The project "Youth” is already fully established and well recognized in Serbian terms, as well as on a wider regional level. It is well-known as the platform for establishment and promotion of the great new talents.

NAF has accomplished all activities with the support and donations of “Tobacco Industry” join-stock company Nis (DIN), an affiliate of Philip Morris International and Radovan Lale Djuric, founder and president of the Executive Board of the Foundation.